On Learning Physics

I don’t believe anyone when they say “I can’t do Physics”. In my experience, I think the biggest problem people have is that they have not found their own mechanism to translate natural phenomena into a coherent train of thought. I am a big time visual thinker, everything I apply myself to, becomes imagery in my head. However not everything has an immediate geometric equivalent, so I do struggle the most to understand things such as linear algebra. My “trick” is to apply that to a physical problem, visualize it, understand it, then go back to the abstract realm of mathematics. My best friend Trey is the opposite, he can’t visualize things in his head, so his process of understanding is totally different than mine. We are always able to understand the same things, but the framework in which I develop my thoughts is totally different than his.

I think the root of most people’s problem is the fact that they don’t absorb the physical problem into their own way framework, they pay to much attention to the words the teacher is using or to the mathematical description of problem and end up constantly seeking for a mechanical way to solve the problem and when they fail and frustration hits they immediately join the “I’m not good at Physics” club and take up that identity, and from that moment on just assume that everything is too hard for them to understand.

Puppet Master

The masses always have been known as this vulnerable sheep-like cluster of people. Greedy leaders and politicians use them to achieve their goal, which for instance is not always direct to the common ends of all.

The masses of my generation, as I see it, is not only this vulnerable simple minded majority of people, They managed to split them all into little groups, each one fighting for their individualistic little cause. The groups have conflicting interests and always get in each other’s way. They fight, they protest, they disseminate the most despicable waves of hate in social media, but they don’t realize their complete lack of empathy towards one another. They are completely incapable of listening, in fact they suffer of selective listening, they will only listen to whatever they can use to support an already existing opinion, and sometimes manufature and/or distort information. No one is able to call for a truce and set the core values, the common interests of us all. Meanwhile in the background the politicians have realized the type of speech that can sparkle the most emotional reaction, which lead them to take actions and make decisions without thinking, and they play you all like puppet dolls.



I’m stunned. Hawking was not only one of the greatest minds of this century, he also had the biggest heart. He leaves a legacy one can’t be too grateful for. A master in science, life and love. I have profound admiration for all those who live life cheerfully no matter how hard the circumstances can be. Hawking was one of the greatest inspirations of my life and my career and will never be forgotten. Rest in power, your legacy will live on. All love. Let’s Love each other

Prey and Predators

People seem to have forgotten how weak and vulnerable humans once were. Some good six million years ago we were rather easy prey in the savannas and grasslands of East Africa. How do you think we survived an incredibly large number of predators incomparably stronger than all of us? Some big invention from an enlightened individual? No.  Our rather skinny weak arms? No. Not even the power of our individual intellect could keep us from extinction back then, but still we made it here. This weak vulnerable species became the greatest hunter of the planet, and the major reason for this is our immeasurable power as a community. No great individual could possibly have saved us from the fate of extinction. It was the power of the community that made us who we are. Communication between nations should promote peace, understanding and cultural exchange, but our sense of community is long gone. Now they inflame all kinds of nationalist speeches, building walls (in some cases literally) instead of connecting people.We are all fruits of the same singularity in space-time and there is no need to separate and divide us.History not only shows, but prove us that we are stronger together and that’s our biggest advantage over the other beast-like creatures. At the end, is the lack of the community spirit that will make us weak and vulnerable again; but this time, we’re our own predators. Let’s love each other.


The feeling of mastery will only dull your mind and lead you to the bed of clichés and boring congealed truths. The best way to evolve is to start from scratch and feel the utter worthlessness of the student desperate for enlightenment. When you believe you posses a masterful mind, you convince yourself it no longer needs to expand.